Wednesday, February 2, 2011

puppy 101

A year ago we were a family of four sans pets. At one point the boys kept an ant farm, but beyond that their pet ownership had been limited to the frogs they have corralled in a variety of containers, none of which have ever been truly frog proof. Last July, when my friend was fostering a puppy for Almost Home Rescue, we gave in to the desperate pleas of our boys. The most heartfelt came from Six, who as Five, replied to my reason #492-why-we-would-not-get-a-pet: Because they can have accidents in the house, "But Mommy, I'll put a diaper on my pet." After being worn down by their persistence, and my own realization that my boys could learn a lot while caring for a dog, Casey came home with us. Part German Shepard, part Lab, part Hound, part whatever else, he introduced us all to puppyhood. This has not been an easy road, and at times it's been down right terrible. (Weeping and wishing for magic slippers at 1 am while cleaning up after a very sick pup.) But he's also enriched our family life and given us the opportunity to see our boys treat a creature with the love we've shown them. Now we understand puppy love.

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