Saturday, April 16, 2011

the bees have arrived!

This was a big day. My graduation from bee school. This was far from a cap and gown affair, though.   Donned in my bee veil I joined my colleagues, fifty or so other hobbyists of varying degrees of eccentricity, to receive not a diploma, but a box of 18,000 bees, and their queen. Yes, this was a moment of truth. After hours of Saturday morning bee classes and much reading on the subject, do I really have the nerve to handle a big box of bees? Not just handle them. In order to place these creatures in the hive we have built for them, I must shake this big box of bees. Vigorously shake it. Yes, this takes some faith and some trust and something else I'm not sure I have.  In the end, our bees went peacefully to their home. Now they're tucked in inside their hive on the hill and tonight I'm feeling like a bee mama, fighting the urge to go check on them one more time.  I know that's not wise, though, so I'll worry a bit about my bees until the dandelions arrive.

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