Thursday, November 5, 2009

first snow

I woke this morning to Five singing Jingle Bells. My eyes began to focus on what I thought were heavy frost prints on the skylight, then I turned my head to look out the back windows and saw the snow flying. Unlike last month, when I had a mild panic attack watching the Pats play in a driving snow, this was a welcomed sight. It is, after all, November. This snow won't last, but the next one might, and it's okay. I like snow, I like winter, it's just an adjustment, one I'm now prepared to make. The boys bundled up after breakfast and attempted to make a leafy snowman before school. He wasn't there in the afternoon, but he was fun to make anyway. The next one might be with us for a while.

Watching them play in the snow reminded me of this picture from a November past...

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b-dub said...

You are a beautiful writer, Ms. Ducks! You should think about joining a writers group... ;)